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"how much will it cost to fit-out our office...?"

Office fit-out costs have changed significantly since we reported in H2 2021. Stay up-to-date with our detailed information on specifications, costs and pricing in our latest guide.

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Fit-out Cost Guide 2022

What's inside?

Floor Plan
Standard, Premium and High End specifications
Tenant specific installations
and more related insights and details of office fit-out projects in 2022 form start to end.
Design and Professional Fees

The fit out-cost has doubled in the Hungarian office market in recent years driven by multiple increasing cost elements. Our goal with this guide is to provide clarity on costs for our current and potential clients, so they can get familiar with the basic concepts of an office fitout project. For more information please download the guide.

László Barna Harangi | Director, Head of Project Management & Business Consultancy